Cars vandalized across Odessa, homeowners pay to repair

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Some Odessa homeowners are fed up after a string of vandalisms.

Brian Poage lives on Boise Drive, just off Dawn. He doesn’t need to fix just one of his family’s cars, but three cars in total.

“The back window of my pickup was shattered. It had a whole about that big,” Poage said, motioning with his hands. “I got to checking other vehicles, noticed my other vehicle was shattered. Checked my third vehicle, and noticed that the driver’s side, both windows were shot at.”

Brian said the vandalism attack happened Saturday night, around 11:45 PM. He was alerted by the alarm on his truck.

Brian pointed to the damage done on his pickup and said “Just shattered all inside and outside. Our other car around the corner, you can see the back glass shattered as well.”

But even more alarming was the damage done to the family’s second SUV. It was parked on the street when the vandals came by. It appears there is an entry mark for a BB or a pellet gun. Brian said he didn’t see the incident happen. But his neighbor did.

“Him and his girlfriend saw two vehicles go by at that time,” Poage said. “One was, he said a red sports car, traveling pretty fast. The other was a shortbed pickup.”

He predicts the damage will cost a couple thousand dollars.

On Cumberland Drive, just south of University, one homeowner said a brick was flung into his work truck this weekend.

He didn’t want to go on camera but showed the damage.

When the homeowner returned from out of town this weekend, he told YourBasin.Com he found his back window smashed, his dashboard in ruins, and the front window also broken.

A brick was left on scene. The damage cost him $2,000.

Shyann Young lives below 52nd on Buffalo Avenue.

Not too long ago, Shyann woke up to find her van also damaged. She says the crime appeared to be completely random after looking at surveillance video.

“It makes me really mad that someone would do this,” Young said. “It’s the whole entire thing that’s damaged. The whole window is out… There was a guy just walking down the street walking a dog, and with a chain. Next thing we know, we came in the morning, our window was broken.”

She said the repairs are going to cost about $500.

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