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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) – We highlight a local, successful business owner who took a big risk during the Coronavirus pandemic.

John Herriage is the owner of Side Bar & Grill in Odessa and he’s no stranger to the restaurant industry.

“We opened in October of last year, in the middle of Covid-19,” said Herriage. “It was quite difficult, totally different than anything I’ve ever done before.”

He had to work harder than ever to bring his vision to life.

“About two and a half years ago, I bought the Copper Rose building. It’s one of the most awesome, historic venues in Odessa. Then, I purchased the lot that this property is on. The dream was to put a restaurant with an awesome patio, really laid back vibe,” said Herriage.

Alicia Carrasco has lived in Odessa her entire life and is a customer.

“I just like the outdoor vibe, so that’s why we’ve been coming here,” said Carrasco.

She says slowly the downtown area is improving.

“Here lately, it’s getting nicer,” said Carrasco.

You will still find businesses boarded up and just next door, another long-time business closed its doors not long ago.

“If there was more stuff, more people would come through,” said Carrasco.

“I hear all the time it doesn’t feel like I’m in Odessa. There’s not another restaurant like this in Odessa,” said Herriage.

Herriage owns five restaurants in Odessa. But he’s very humble about his success. He credits his staff and says his employees go above and beyond for his customers.

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