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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) – You’ve heard it before, small things make a big difference. We recognize a local officer who did just that.

A popular post on social media catches Odessa Police Officer Imiley Hawkins in action. A Basin woman took a picture of her helping a stranded driver.

“That call specifically I didn’t get dispatched, I saw it and I stopped. For us as police officers, it’s just part of the job, it’s a daily thing,” said Officer Hawkins.

“Like Officer Hawkins said, it’s a daily routine. It’s just something we do every day,” said Corporal Steve LeSueur, Odessa Police Department.

Debbie McPherson posted the pic. She was unavailable for an interview but told us through a Facebook message, “We just don’t hear of the good things our officers do much anymore, so that’s why I posted it. It just warmed my heart to get to witness the generosity of hers.”

“It’s nice to hear that people support us and see what we do. At the same time, on the scale of what we do that’s on the lowest end of what we do,” said Officer Hawkins. “People really have no idea of the things we do see or we do face. We’re humans too. We have to deal with all of those emotions too.”

“There’s just so much negative and people don’t realize a lot of the things that we see and do,” said Corporal LeSueur.

“I wish more people would do ride alongs, do things like that so you can really see the things that we see because that’s minimal,” said Officer Hawkins.

Officers Hawkins was very humble about the situation.

She says another person came along and helped. She said it was that person who was the real good samaritan and helped the stranded motorist tow the vehicle.

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