A game maker helps families connect during the pandemic

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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – This year, Allen Wolf, a filmmaker, author, and game maker, released his award-winning game, “You’re Pulling My Leg!” (including the Junior version) in the form of a book.

“My hope is that this game will allow people just to connect to each other more. Especially during the pandemic. We’re all isolated and needing that connection and also have a lot of laughs. When you hear stories from people’s lives, and you are trying to figure out is it a true story or are they pulling my leg? It just creates a lot of laughter just getting to know that person that you might have never even known before,” said Wolf.

Wolf said, the game was originally created as a gift for two friends who were dating at the time. “I wanted to create something that helped them get to know each other and have fun in the process. Then friends who played the game said, ‘you should turn it into an actual game.’ So, I did,” said Wolf. The game was so great that the couple he created it for ended up getting married.

“Your Pulling My Leg,” which also comes in a card game version, is one of the five games Wolf has created. He believes this game is a great way to engage the family or learn something new about your children or event your neighbors. Wolf has since won 38 awards for the games he created.

“I got to know my own wife by playing the game; it’s amazing to see it take off and enjoy playing the game.”

Allen Wolf, married for 11 years.

There are more than 600 questions inside the book. It’s a game for two people or more. The name of the game is to pick a question, flip a coin (Heads= Tell a true story, Tales= Make up a story), then have the other person guess if your story is true or not. You use up to three points at a time. The first person to get to 21 points wins.

Wolf said the game is also a great way to engage your children.

“So the Junior version asks more questions than you wouldn’t necessarily know. How are they feeling? With everything going on in our world right now I think kids sense that something is off… So, this game gives kids a chance to open up and talk about their feelings and talk about what’s happening in their lives and doing it in a fun way….In the context of the game, it adds this fun, challenging element that gives them a chance to talk about things that they maybe normally won’t talk about.”

Allen Wolf, game maker

The game comes in four versions, Kindle, paperback, hardcover, and a card game style. The book Wolf included space to write down essential or funny memories you want to keep from the questions.

For more information on Allen Wolf and where to buy his game, check out www.AllenWolf.com.

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