Mary’s Fashions: Odessa businesswoman’s dream

Hidden History

ODESSA, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – One Odessa businesswoman has been running her fashion clothing store for years. Life experiences sparked her desire to open up her own business and get into fashion. 

“I just feel elated to have a shop like this where I can reach the black people, hispanic people, white people anybody that want to come by here,” Mary Henson, owner of Mary’s Fashion, said. “But you’ve asked me about black history though, I am historical.”  

Walking into Mary’s Fashions you can sense the vintage style that hasn’t gone out of style, but you may be wondering how Mary began her business.   

“I started 1994, in my house I started out selling church hats for women. I started at the south side of town and ended up here on the north side,” Henson said. “But I’ve been in business for 20 years and everybody likes to come in Mary’s Fashion. men and women. I dress men and women, boys and girls.” 

 Every dream comes from an inspiration and for Mary Henson her inspiration was someone very close. 

“With nine kids and nine siblings, my mother dressed all of us,” Henson commented.  “Sometimes she’ll sit at the sewing machine all night on Easter because you know Easter is a big day in the black church man everybody had on their easter’s hat easter’s dresses and that’s what got into mary’s all of these years.” 

 All of her success didn’t come without its share of challenges.  

“You’re talking about roller coasters? I started with $500 in my house,” Henson said. “Different people coming into my living room came in looking at my hats then I moved to a store on the south side on grand street on dixie street and i came out of my pockets. I haven’t had a business loan. I worked out of my pocket as I made a little bit of money. I put something back into the shop so it has been a rollercoaster there has been days.” 

However, Mary Henson has overcome those days.   

“It’s all over me, all inside of me because of my mother her name was Mary,” she said. “My mom was a beautician she learned all the skills in beauty school. She was on that sewing machine all night long making our clothes so it’s in me Mary’s Fashions is in Mary.”

You can find Mary’s Fashions on East 10th st, near the intersection of Dixie and University. 

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