SPAC “We Choose Our Future” responds to election outcome


"We never wanted a bond to pass that wasn't the true and correct result."

MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – The saga of the Midland Independent School Bond election is finally behind us. As all parties agree to look ahead, we sat down with “We Choose Our Future,” the political action committee that was for the bond, to hear their takeaways.

After nearly three months of recounts, court orders, and an election contest, all parties involved is finally seeing eye to eye.

“We should learn from every experience in life, and I think we’ve definitely learned. We never wanted a bond to pass that wasn’t the true and correct result,” said Co-chair, Christine Foreman. “While it was easy to be frustrated with all entities involved, we all just wanted to know we can trust the result that we got.”

While Foreman and Co-chair, Dave Joyner, were disappointed with the result, they say they were prepared for either outcome.

“If we mean what we say when we say we’re interested in the true result, we have to be able to accept whatever that is,” explained Joyner.

With the fate of the bond election finally at its dead end, Foreman says the coming months are prime time to talk strategy. Joyner added not losing momentum is key.

“Energy was stirred up within our community surrounding our schools, and our school facilities, through this whole process. My hope is that people will use that energy and focus it towards getting real solutions that we can pass.”

The two say there is already conversations within the community for a new bond. However, it is important to both hat they do it right this time around.

“We’re going to make sure we’re diligent, and we need to make sure the next one passes. And so, November is a possibility, but we certainly would like to make sure we’re diligent and thorough in the process,” said Joyner.

Co-chairs say they will do their due diligence and take time to listen to the community, provide information, and hopefully form a plan – one broad enough to please everyone.

“Whatever is needed to advocate for the next bond, that’s what “We Choose Our Future” was created for,” explained Foreman. “And that’s what we’ll do until there’s not a need for it anymore.”

Foreman says money raised from the “We Choose Our Future” campaign will be donated as seed money to the new school bond.

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