MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – After the mishaps of the November election, Midland County is making a few changes to its election process.

The main grievance of the November election revolves around the MISD school bond. The mishandling of the ballots led to a 2 month long back and forth trying to see what the correct result of the bond was.

At first, MISD and the SPAC “We Choose Our Future” thought the error was on the part of the DS-200 voting machines used to count ballots. It was the first election Midland County used the machines.

Changes will be made to many parts of the process. First, the cumulative totals posted to Midland County’s showing results will be updated. It will show early votes, election day votes, and mail-in ballots all separated.

Next, there will be a change to the chain of custody procedures. After the “mystery box” was found containing the votes from the discrepancy from election night to the recount, the chain of custody was questioned.

Lastly, there will be more training for judges and volunteers. it mainly revolves around understanding the software, the computers and the voting machines. It will also be emphasized to sign the back of the ballots. That was a problem in the November election. The time required for judge training will be doubled than from the previous amount of hours required.