Copy of Alpine Pipeline Protesters: “Come Help Us”


Like something from an episode of Captain Planet, members of the Big Bend Defense Coalition gathered Wednesday morning to put a halt to pipeline construction in Alpine.

A group of West Texas Earth Protectors against the Trans-Pecos Pipeline say they hope others will see their passion for conservation, and help them fight.

“It is important for us not just too discuss the things that we don’t like,” Coalition member Louis Moncivias said “It’s important to us to get out there, and let’s change those things, this is an earth movement.”

The entrance of the construction site they met at is barricaded with a flimsily wire fence meant to keep trespassers out.

However, that didn’t stop members who showed up to perform what they call a Native American inspired  Apology Ceremony.

“It’s just as a symbolic way to give back to the earth, and give back some beauty, and respect in a place where the earth has been so disrespected.” said Laura Addiss, she led prayer and song as members took part in the ceremony.

Moncivias says the pipeline is pollution at it’s worst with the construction just the beginning of what he fears will cause major environmental damage.
“They’re getting ready to suck half a billion gallons of water from the ground, they’re going to add chemicals to that water, they’re going to put it in that pipe to test it , to make sure that it works right, then they are going to spill that toxic water on the ground.”

Another member passionate about stopping pipeline construction in West Texas is the event’s organizer Lori Glover.

“It really pains me to see the destruction and to feel that we have no recourse and that due process has not been provided,”

Protesters like Brandt Buchanan say they’re afraid the damage done will harm the future of West Texans.

“If you deprive your echo system of for your own gain, you’ll soon find out that it won’t be for your gain in the long run.”

This small group is now asking for conservationist all over the state and beyond to join their efforts.

“Don’t think that you’ll get here and you’ll have no where to go, don’t think you’ll get here and nobody is going to guide you, come, we’re here, we’ll guide you.” Moncivias said.

For more information about the Big Bend Defense Coalition you can visit their Facebook page, or call 432-294-2810.

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