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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) – Getting a cancer diagnosis is life-shattering, that’s why a local nonprofit focuses on providing help.  We had a chance to talk with those involved with the group.

Amy Ledbetter is the President-Elect of the Board of Directors for West Texas Gifts of Hope.  She got emotional while talking about her grandmother.

“She passed away in 2016.  It’s been a really, really tough time,” said Ledbetter.

Her grandmother passed away from lung cancer.

“She had a strong support system, people loved her and prayed for her,” said Ledbetter.

It’s the reason she volunteers her time with West Texas Gifts of Hope and it seems many of the volunteers were touched personally by cancer.

“I’ve had remission for 16 years.  I’m a survivor,” said Marcella Galindo, volunteer.  “That’s why I’m here to encourage them.”

“Twenty-two years ago, I had breast cancer.  It was difficult, so I know what they go through and I can identify with them,” said Kay Butler, volunteer.

“I am actually a breast cancer survivor,” said Susan Calvin, West Texas Gifts of Hope Program Director.

“It gives me an opportunity to give back to people that are struggling with cancer because I understand what they’ve gone through,” said Calvin.

The nonprofit offers a variety of services including housing at Hope House Odessa and it’s all free.

“This is extremely important because people that are going through cancer treatment especially in our outlying areas.  They have no place to stay when they come up here or it would cost them a lot of money,” said Calvin.

West Texas Gifts of Jope is also gearing up for a big fundraiser.  Just like many other nonprofits, those involved say donations are down and their hope is people will continue to keep giving.

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April 22 2021 09:00 am