BIG SPRING, Texas (FOX 24) – It’s a place rich in history here in the Basin. We’re giving you an inside look at the historic Hotel Settles dramatic sight in the heart of Big Spring.

Whether your view of the historic hotel is outside or inside, there’s no shortage of beautiful views. “We are Big Spring, Texas with the big, historic hotel,” said Jessica Alvarez.

The hotel’s Food and Beverage Director, Jessica Alvarez, grew up here.

“My favorite thing is just the history behind it,” said Alvarez.

The hotel first opened October 1, 1930 and stayed in operation until the early 1980’s.

“It was just an old, empty building,” said Alvarez.

For 30 years, it sat vacant until finally being renovated and reopened in 2012.

“Brint Ryan purchased it for $75,000 and put in a 30 million dollar renovation at this property,” said Emaan Campbell, Hotel Settles General Manager. “When they renovated this property, they really did everything to try to keep it the way it was in 1930.”

“There have actually been two presidents that have stayed here. LBJ and President Hoover,” said Justin Norwood, Guest Services Manager. “We’ve also had Lawrence Welk, Buddy Holly, and then Elvis.”

The Presidential Suite also has a fancy bathroom. There are tv’s above its tub.

“We have probably the best bathroom in town, funny to say that,” said Norwood.

There’s also a stunning staircase and a phenomenal pool. But maybe even more interesting than what you’ll see is what you’ll hear.

“A housekeeper that said that she had seen a ghost and then, was kind of really spooked out by that,” said Campbell.

She shared a bit of the hotel’s spooky history.

“We’ve heard, there’s somebody in the bar. But if I were a ghost, I guess that’s where I would be too,” said Campbell. “Free drinks after the bar closes.”

“I think people want to say it’s haunted and wanted to hear ghost stories. But no, nothing yet,” said Alvarez laughing.

The lobby also has its own fair share of history.

“We do have a 1929 Ford that was featured in Forbes magazine,” said Campbell. “We have two phone booths that were in the original property. They aren’t functional, unfortunately, but they are really fun.”

There’s so much to see. “I feel like Big Spring really needed it. It did bring life back into this town,” said Alvarez.

This historic hotel also gives people who live in Big Spring something to brag about., something that makes them stand out from the rest.

“It makes me feel proud to be from Big Spring. It makes me proud to say that this is my home and this is what this town has to offer,” said Alvarez.

Here’s something else interesting about Hotel Settles. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.