Why your vote matters

PERMIAN BASIN (YourBasin) – The deadline to vote in the upcoming Joint Primary Runoff Election is Monday.

Counties around the Basin will have primary runoffs on July 14. To register or update your address with the voter registrar, you can head to your local county office.

Even if your county is not hosting any runoffs now is a good time to register for the November elections.

“I think we’ve been aware and we have been shown how precious and how valuable each vote is and all you have to do is just go back and look at what happened in Midland,” says Javier Joven of the Ector County Republican Party.

With the Joint Primary Runoff Election around the corner, the November election is slowly creeping up. Joven says while the election in November is important to everyone it goes beyond that.

“Because elections don’t begin and end in November. This is just one election to determine many many offices locally, statewide, and nationally,” says Joven.

According to Joven, about 60 to 70 thousand people are registered to vote in Ector County.

Texas is notorious for having a low voter turn out but while Joven agrees he says the nation has the same problem.

“I think these things that have happened within the last four to six months have re-energized, have shaken the cobwebs off those that are complacent and they are definitely angry about and they’re going to voice their opinion in November,” says Joven.

While every election is historic, Joven believes this year’s election will be pivotal.

“We’re going to see a very pivotal and historic election come November and I encourage everybody to be apart of that,” says Joven.