Digital Exclusive: Trinity School of Midland host career day

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MIDLAND, Texas (YourBasin) – In the midst of the spring semester, juniors and seniors of Trinity School of Midland gather to hear from alumni about their careers. Seniors prep for college applications and career paths. While juniors ponder the different career paths.

Alumni comes to Trinity to tell of the past endeavors and paths they took for their careers.

“A lot of them are in that time, especially the seniors, where they are thinking about which college to accept. So, I got lots of questions on why I chose the colleges that I did, why I chose the different courses that I took, how I came to that decision, how I navigated what my passion was, and how I got from point A to point B,” says Laura Chandler, a panelist for Trinity’s career day.

Chandler says if students work hard and believe in their goals they can achieve anything they want.

Trinity had eight different panelist come and visit which included different careers.

“It really shows that Trinity really cares about being a college preparatory school. They brought people in, provided us with lunch, and made sure we had a good experience. They are also allowing us to hear from people who are very good at their jobs and obviously succeeded with the help of Trinity. So, it helps me put more confidence in the school that they will help prepare me for the future,” says Deborah Bajomo, a student at Trinity.

Bajomo calls the experience invaluable. She was able to sit down with an alum from Trinity to talk about law school which she hopes to pursue in the future.

“Different people learned different things just from their time here at Trinity. So I am really interested to know what some of the other alumni had to say about how Trinity help better prepare them for the world around them,” says Danielle Bryden, a student at Trinity.

Bryden also hoping to study law in the future. She says it is an inspiration to see the alumni return back to Trinity and hear their story about how successful they have become.

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