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Destination Texas: Lajitas Golf Resort

Destination Texas

LAJITAS, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – We continue our trek across Texas in search of the best vacation spots for you and your family throughout this summer’s Destination Texas series. 

Trails on ancient mountains, carved by horse hooves, next to an oasis of a golf course. Only 237 miles outside of Midland, Lajitas Golf Resort is its own world. Server and bartender Daniel Culver said, “It’s unparalleled to what I’ve seen before.” Some employees saying, when they got the job, they didn’t even know there were mountains in West Texas. 

People come from all across the world for the world-renowned golf course at Backjack’s Crossing, but the resort has so much more to offer. Head Golf Professional Brian Pionkowski says visitors are “pretty much free to do things.” The resort offers horseback riding, zipline experiences, hiking, skeet shooting, military combat shooting, floating on the river, or paddleboarding on the Rio Grande.

However, the golf course itself is especially unique. The course is made of a different type of grass, it’s salt-tolerant, and water for the course is provided by a local hot spring. Pionkowski says, “When you’re on the golf course, you don’t hear anything.” A lot of holes are elevated tee shots, that are 200-300 feet in the air. On the back t on the 15th is one of the few places in the United States where you can look north into Mexico.

For around $150 a night, you can get away to the ruggedly beautiful landscape, that is the Lajita’s Golf Resort and Blackjack Crossing. Be sure to tune in every Thursday for Big 2 News at 6 to see where we’re heading next as we continue our Destination Texas series. 

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