ATHENS, Texas (KETK) – The East Texas Arboretum has 100 acres of trees, plants and colorful flowers, many of which are native to the piney woods.

“We’ve got some cone flowers, we’ve got some desert willow trees or plants, we got a confederate rose the pink that we always know when the rose is going to happen it’ll start blooming,” Master Gardner Margaret Dansby said.

People travel from near and far to visit this spot in Athens.

“We’ve actually had people from I think 8 foreign countries over the last year,” Treasurer of the Board Deborah Deas said.

The arboretum features two miles of nature walks, a children’s area with a playhouse and handicap trails.

“They just can enjoy a day of just walking and enjoying the outdoors,” Deas said.

After you’re done with roaming trails of flowers and trees, you can stop by the demonstration honey bee hive and see real honey bees at work.

“You can watch the bees make their honey, and that’s awesome,” Deas said.

There is a focus on Henderson County’s rich history, displaying artifacts from the past.

“Our Wofford House, 1850’s home that was in the Henderson County area with period furniture, you can see that,” Deas said.

You can also pay tribute to the area veterans at the site’s memorial wall.

“To be on that, you should have been born in Henderson County, enlisted or drafted in Henderson County, or gone to public school in Henderson County,” Deas said.

This destination is the perfect way to spend a nice summer day after a very long year.

“We’ve been cooped up too long, and it’s just a great place to come out and walk and enjoy the flowers, enjoy the air, the butterflies, the bees.”

Master Gardner Margaret Dansby

Step into a dream garden this summer, right here in East Texas.