AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Livestock Auction is where ranchers sell over 100,000 head of livestock each year.

“You get to see down home people. You get to see cowboys. You get to experience what it used to be in old times,” said Keith Parrott, Amarillo Livestock Auction Owner & Manager.

Parrott says getting the cattle seller and buyer the most bang for their buck is something he takes great pride in, having grown up around the cattle business his whole life.

“My mom and dad had an auction barn when I was growing up. Went to several auction barns as a kid with my dad throughout Texas. I started buying cattle right out of college and been buying cattle ever since,” said Parrott.

Never been to an auction out at the Amarillo Stockyards? No worries!

“We’ll run them through the ring, auction them off in an auction setting where there’s multiple buyers bidding on an animal at one time. The buyer will buy them and we’ll put them in a certain pen. At the end of the sale, they take them from these pens and they’ll load them back on trucks,” said Parrott.

For those that get hungry before, during or even after the sale. They can head right over to the stockyard grill.

“We come pretty much frequently,” said Laura Thorne, Amarillo Resident.

One of the Stockyard Grill’s, which is located in the same building as the auction, biggest fans is Amarillo native Laura Thorne.

“We come and eat whatever they got. I’m a home girl and all of us have come here at one point or another. This is where I bring my out-of-town guests. This is one of the best places to come to,” said Thorne.

“Amarillo is such a good town. You can come visit the Amarillo Livestock Auction for 30 minutes, have a burger or do something like that and then the next thing you know people will come by and say what else is there to do. Then I’ll go well have you ever heard of Palo Duro Canyon and they’re like no. Well you got to get down there. They don’t realize that Amarillo is a pretty neat town and it’s good to be here,” said Parrott.

Parrott says they see on average about 600 to 800 head of cattle per week.

Jason taste testing some of what the Stockyard Grill has to offer!