Basin Bites: La Bodega serves up authentic Mexican cuisine

Basin Bites: Hispanic Heritage

La Bodega located on the corner of Dixie and 7th in Odessa has been serving up fresh Mexican food since 1981. 

“We have good customer service and our food is authentic Mexican,” says owner Aracely Loya.

The restaurant is a staple in the Basin, and people who go there return often. Loya told me 80-90% of its customer base is returning people.

“The previous owner was from Europe, so his recipes are different,” says Loya. “People enjoy that, it’s a mixture of Mexican cuisine into his own recipes.”

One of the most unique dishes I’ve tasted in the Basin is La Bodega’s Chile relleno. I tried one stuff with shrimp (check out the video above to see it). It was topped with raisins and pecans, something different to add a sweetness.

The taquitos and nachos were phenomenal as well. A small nachos supreme was as a big as your typical nacho plate.  

Other highlights include their chips and salsa (which has been voted Best in the Basin) and their margaritas, which hare made with fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

Loya has owned the restaurant since 2015, but she’s worked at La Bodega since 1982. She told me she bought the business in 2015 because it was going to shutdown after the original owner died. 

She says she proud to be a Hispanic business owner and plans to continue for years to come.

“”I love what I sell here and I love what I do,” says Loya. “I’m proud to say I’m Hispanic. Hispanic people are hard workers.” 

For more on La Bodega, check out the video above.

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