One new business is not letting the pandemic slow them down. Five West Texas joined together to open a new doggie daycare and boarding called The Barking Lot in Midland this October.

We cater to every animal young and old.

Kaitlin Lingard, General Manager, The Parking Lot

Genny Bynum, one of the partners, along with three other partners, Zach Janus, Todd Larsson, Larry Burdette, and the General Manager Kaitlin Lingard, said that it is essential that new businesses keep coming to their communities. “We need to open things up and keep these communities from dying on the vine,” said Bynum.

The Barking Lot is more than just a doggie daycare. It’s a place for dogs to roam free in the kennel-free environment.

“We are an open kennel. We have an inside play and outside play area, and we walk the dogs around the park. We really pride ourselves on being safe and clean. We do evaluations with all pets when they first come in to make sure they fit with the existing group. We want to make sure no one has to go in the cage; that’s the last thing we want to do. Kennels are alright but that’s not how we are going to play. Just an open feel, safe and clean.”

Kaitlin Lingard, General Manager, The Parking Lot

From playtime to walks, even art classes, and the occasional birthday parties, Bynum said, “When the dogs go home, they are worn out and mom and dad can sleep well. Then they get to come back and see their friends if they want to, and we’ll wear them out again.”

The whole team is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for dogs in the area. The team is also determined to help their neighbors and fellow West Texans through these challenging times.

“If grandma and grandpa are sick and they can’t take good care of their dogs because they are not able to for some reason, then we’ll do it. It’s a way you can also help a neighbor that’s not feeling well or a neighbor that has a job with new hours and doesn’t have anywhere to put their dog. We all need to pitch in and help each other out, and we hope to provide that service.”

Genny Bynum, Partner, The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot also offers discounts for healthcare workers along with first-responders. Partner Larry Burton said they are currently in contact with the hospitals to find ways to better support pet parents who are battling COVID-19 on the front lines and first-responders.

Burdette said, along with helping pet parents, the team also wants to foster a local rescue and help them find a forever home.

To learn more about this giving small business and their services that also includes baths and long-term boarding, visit The Barking Lot of Midland. You can also view more pictures and videos on their Facebook Page: @thebarkinglotofmidland.