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Michael McDevitt, founder of Tandem Legal Group, Launched Transition-to-Business Mentorship Program for US Navy Seals

Michael McDevitt-

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES , February 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- This program will provide expert legal services and strategic business advice to help innovative, emerging businesses develop.

Michael McDevitt, a well-known family man, and entrepreneur discovered his next significant professional achievement in 2012 when he founded Tandem Legal Group. Tandem touts its unique catchphrase, "BIKE: Be yourself, Innovate, Kindness, and Engagement," and promises an "anti-law firm atmosphere."

Tandem Legal Group has never been reluctant to take risks, which is how Michael McDevitt and his investment relationships began. This was a company with unique products but needed direction at the time. When the salad dressing became an instant hit, the founders of the family-owned condiment firm realized they needed assistance navigating the grocery industry. At the group's core, there was a focus of individuals who desired to prosper, grow, and expand into a larger corporation but lacked a strategic investment partner. Tandem Legal Group recognized the potential for success and provided its services in the form of a professional partnership to steer the firm.

Recognizing the significance of this opportunity, the company gratefully accepted. Once the legal agreements were finalized, Tandem Legal Group began bringing this product to the required production level and guiding the team of young company professionals. Michael McDevitt became unstoppable as soon as it joined the competitive market of branding salad dressings with clean ingredients.

Michael McDevitt understands that soldiers face several challenges when transitioning from military to civilian life since they go through intense mental and physical training. As a result, he runs a program to mentor individuals and guide them through their attempts to start their own businesses and push them in the right direction. He evaluates the protégé's requirements and helps create appropriate next steps by drawing on the most accurate information from relationships and resources that have already been developed.

He is very passionate about encouraging young people from similar situations to realize what it is that they can do despite the limitations that society has put on them due to the ethnicity or area in which they were born. On speaking to the media, Michael said, "I believe everyone is aware of their path and mission in life, and they just need to be pointed in the right direction." He further added, "Helping businesses and entrepreneurs is my way of giving back to the military."

To know more about Michael, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

About Michael McDevitt:

He began his career in private equity to gain an understanding of how firms functioned. Because he wanted to learn how to apply this information in the real world, he transitioned to consumer products business management. He founded Terra's Kitchen to establish a business that would enable him to reproduce the family dinners he enjoyed as a child with his own family. He founded a law and consulting firm so that he could use my knowledge in fast-expanding enterprises to assist others in experiencing expansion. Before founding and heading Tandem, Michael was the CEO of Medifast, Inc., where he was instrumental in guiding the firm to profitability for forty-six consecutive quarters. Previously to joining Medifast, Michael worked as a Senior Analyst for the New York City-based private equity firm Blackstone Group.

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