Michael was born in Austin, Texas, but grew up in Garland, Texas, a suburb in Dallas. He is the oldest of three sons, and he had the joy of always being surrounded by a myriad of behind the scene stories about the local and national news. 

His dad has been a photojournalist for the CBS affiliate in Dallas for twenty-one years. Seeing his dad head out to breaking news stories which included severe weather, historical events like presidential inaugurations, and catastrophic events like 9-11, and Katrina, to name a few, gave Michael a wealth of stories growing up. 

Michael didn’t realize how much he appreciated the art of storytelling until he took a leap of faith and chose to pursue a journalism degree. If you’re reading this bio, then you can conclude that Michael has followed in his dad’s’s footsteps.

After graduating from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, May 2017, Michael headed west, as every young man should, after landing his first reporter/weekend anchor job at Big 2 News/FOX24. 

Michael is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and an overall fan of every Dallas sports team: Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, and the Dallas Stars. 

When he is not working, Michael likes to drive around in his Mustang, Zoe, watch and review films, and play any kind of sport. He is also an avid comic book collector. You will often find him perusing the local comic book stores. 

Michael recently had the honor of meeting Stan Lee, an icon in the world of comics, and Michael has the photo to prove it. If you want to to contribute to Michael’s wealth of stories to tell at the dinner table and believe you have a story our community needs to hear, please feel free to contact him at mlozano@nexstar.tv