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ECTOR COUNTY (FOX 24) – Cowboys are particular about what they wear and one Gardendale man has some unique skills to help those cowboys look their best.

Working with leather takes patience and skills.

“You’ll never build a piece that you’re 100-percent happy with,” said Brody Bolton, leather artisan.  “You always want to take what you did there and improve it on the next piece.”

For 18 years, Bolton has been creating custom hand made leather items.

“It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful art,” said Francisco Lira, Odessa resident.

Bolton said, “I grew up around things made out of leather including saddles and belts.”

He was once a professional bull rider.

“That also kind of went along with lots of things made out of leather.  You know chaps, protective vests, belts that people hang their belt buckles they win on,” said Bolton.

“It’s part of Texas history, cowboy culture,” said Lira.

Lira is a longtime customer.

“I like to get something unique,” said Lira.

He likes it unique and personalized.

“He’s done two of my belts and right now, I got him to work on my leggings, chaps,” said Lira.  “Chaps, it comes from in Spanish chaparreras.”

“The whole kind of mentality of the western heritage and the cowboy world per se, is it’s a lot about individualism,” said Bolton. “Cowboys are very independent and that includes what they wear.  They want something custom, they want something with their brand on it.”

He goes on to say, “We’re created by a creator. We have that same spirit within us to want to create something that’s beautiful.  With leather, you’re taking something that’s dead and kind of giving it some life again.”

Here’s something else that may surprise you. Bolton actually taught himself how to work with leather. His business is called 3B Leather. His leather shop is located in Ector County.  Bolton also has quite the following on Instagram with around 28,000 followers.

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