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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) – Meet a Basin man who’s following in his father’s footsteps. You could say he approaches his business like an artist, creating something magical.

We spoke with several local residents who are taking advantage of his creative landscaping in their backyard which includes a chess board, putting green area and volleyball court.

“My putt, putt golf is on point,” said David Montano, Odessa resident.

Another Odessa resident, Stephen Emmert, said, “I’m a big golfer. I’ve been playing for the last 15 years.”

“I love chess, so the big chess board for me was a huge, huge addition,” said Eric Taylor, Odessa resident.

Manny Flores has been a landscaper for 11 years. He’s the owner of Buried Stone Rock Yard in Odessa.

“A project like this from design to finish took about a week and a half,” said Flores.

“It’s fun but it’s art, it’s creative, it’s beautiful,” said Taylor.

“I actually started with my father when I was younger,” said Flores. “It was more of a chore, but as soon as I got older, I started making up my own landscaping and I put a lot of work into my designs.”

He listens carefully to his customers to come up with those ideas.

“They will throw in, hey you know what, my wife likes this or my husband likes this. I take that to a different level, I take that to being something unique,” said Flores.

“Being able to come down here and unwind at the end of the day, it’s a blessing,” said Montano.

“When the houses are being built a lot of families chose not to do their backyard, you know it’s just completely dirt and gravel, said Emmert. “You come home one day and the backyard is completely redone, it makes it so much more fun to live here.”

Another unique type of landscaping Flores does is putting a trampoline in the ground.

One of the benefits of using turf to landscape is that it requires little to no water. It’s helpful when city’s place those water restrictions.

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