New business developments are popping up all over the Basin, and a lot of them are geared towards giving you more stuff to do.

Three businesses are coming to Midland in the near future, including a coffee shop and two very different bars.

The first to be on the look out for is a new place to grab a cup of coffee.

What used to be Tall City Motors off of Missouri Avenue and A Street will soon be Baxter’s Coffee House. We saw a sign posted on the door, but there is no opening date announced yet.

In the near future there will be a new place to grab a drink while playing board games with friends.

Waystone Board Game Cafe and Nanobrewery is starting to get renovated inside the Plaza Oaks Shopping Center.

The spot will offer board games for people to play while enjoying beer, home-made root beer, and other drinks.

Midland’s also likely getting an axe-throwing bar. Tall City Axe House just got approved to sell alcohol at its future home on Front Street.

It’s Facebook page says its getting close to an opening date.

Midland Chamber of Commerce helps bring in businesses like these. Chamber officials say to expect even more exciting places to pop up this year because of the type of people here.

“People have a very can-do spirit here,” says Christine Dooley, vice-president of chamber relations. “They feel like they can get things done, that they don’t need many people’s help, thankfully we have a very giving community.”

With this small business growth, the Chamber of Commerce says this could spark other well-known businesses to come to the area.

“As we grow and we do have these more unique places come about, I hope that entices other business that may be more corporate or chain to come to Midland. It’s also really great to see the local members of community start up these really creative places.”

There is no official opening date for these three businesses, but they all are in the works currently. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.