New CBD shop opens up in downtown Midland

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The popularity of CBD is skyrocketing as stores pop up all over the Basin.

There’s a new one right in the heart in downtown Midland called Hampton Hemp Co.

“There’s a huge stigma around everything, and we just kind of wanted to break that,” says owner Caleb Hampton.

Hampton owns the shop with his wife Victoria, located in Midland’s Micro Market. They sell flower, tinctures, cartridges, gummies and more.

Their store is one of many CBD shops that have popped up over the last few years in the Basin.

Hampton says CBD is not psychoactive like marijuana. It’s booming in popularity because people use it to alleviate pain.

With it’s rise though, Hampton says there is one growing issue in the industry: a lack of regulation.

“The CBD hemp industry is the wild west,” says Hampton. “A lot of stuff I’m not fond of, people don’t have their lab reports, things like that.”

The FDA even released a warning saying some companies distribute CBD products that could contain cannabis. Companies must have proper licensing.

Hampton says he pays higher margins to ensure the highest quality in his products. If you’re in pain, in might be worth a try.

“I feel like many people in the CBD hemp community are anti pharma,” says Hampton. “If you want to get off medication, CBD may be for you.”

For more on Hampton Hemp Co, check out the video above.

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