SisterDough has been up and running in the Basin for more than two years now, and soon the trendy maker provider will be getting a brick and mortar store.

If you haven’t tasted the company’s sweet treats yet, you should. It’s fair to say they aren’t your typical donuts.

“There is a lot of heart in our product,” says owner and founder Priscella Garcia.

These donuts are creative and can be topped with almost everything. Fruity pebbles, chips, and peanut butter and jelly are just a few of the toppings. In a post on Facebook, Priscella even made a pizza donut.

You may have seen SisterDough at local farmer’s markets or online. Right now the all the baking is coming out of Priscella’s Odessa home in the kitchen.

“We find ourselves too tired to be in our kitchen after we clean it,” says Priscella. “We don’t want to cook and mess it up.”

Soon she won’t have to bake out of her kitchen. SisterDough’s first store will open early August at 3641 North Dixie in Odessa. For now, the store will sell mainly donuts, cookies, breads and breakfast bars. Shortly after that it will expand to a cafe where it will have more breakfast and lunch options.

And the name behind the business means a lot. It’s called SisterDough because Priscella is a single mother of four. Their family are domestic violence survivors.

“We want to bring the awareness of how hard it is for women with children to leave a situation, basically alive,” says Prescella.

The name “SisterDough” symbolizes women who support each other. And soon, Priscella hopes to start the SisterDough Foundation with her children to help domestic violence survivors.

“It’s really cool just seeing her accomplish things,” says Eva, Priscella’s daughter.”

“We have hope to some day make something better,” says Priscella.

For more on SisterDough check out the video above.