If you’ve been by H-E-B off of Loop 250 in Midland, you may have noticed a hotel that’s not quite finished.

It’s a white and gray six-story hotel that’s been under construction for now three-and-a-half years.

We wanted to find out why, so we asked the city’s development services director Charles Herrington.

“A company came in and went belly up,” said Herrington. “Then a fellow, who was a contractor, acquired it. It’s taken him a while to put his money together and put it to fruition.

Herrington says eventually the building will be a Delta Hotel by Marriott, but as long as the building passes inspection every six months, it could sit dormant for a lot longer.

Right now there’s no estimate of when it will be finished.

We also asked Herrington how many hotels are going up in Midland. In the last six years, 721 rooms have been built. Right now there are more than 1100 hotel rooms under construction.

“Once construction starts, you’re typically looking at 24-36 months for a hotel,” said Herrington.

And Herrington says development in general is in a good spot. He says construction has caught up after a severe lack of housing during the last economic boom seven years ago.

“We’ve got more single family housing,” said Herrington. “So we got people out of apartments, we got people in apartments that came out of the hotels, and even man camps, for better, more stable living conditions.”

For more on the dormant hotel, check out the video above.