Basin Business Report: More parking coming to MAF

Basin Business Report

More parking is coming Midland International Air and Space Port.

By the end of summer there will be 1,000 additional parking spots. Now the airport will have 3,000 total spots and seven different lots.

“The parking lots were always almost full,” says Justine Ruff, director of airports at MAF. “The lots that are paved now, they were dirt lots.”

The $14 million project started last year just before the pandemic. Because air travel was so low during the pandemic, the added spaces came along much quicker.

“We had planned to finish the new lot, then move people from the old lot to the new lot, then refurbish the old lot,” says Ruff. “Because our traffic was so low, it enabled us to do the new ones and the refurbished ones basically at the same time.”

Ruff says some of the new parking lots won’t have human attendants, so you’ll have to pay by credit card. If you want to use cash, you can pre-pay at a ticket booth inside the airport.

Ruff wants to remind people that if you fly out in the morning from Wednesday-Saturday to be sure to get to the airport 90 minutes before your flight. They have six flights going out around the same time so TSA lines will be longer than normal.

For more on how people are reacting to the added parking spaces, check out the video above.

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