Basin Business: New local paleteria is a big hit

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It’s getting hot, and there’s no better way to stay cool than with a paleta, a Mexican popsicle!

The Paleta Bar recently opened up in Midland and it’s a huge hit.

“We’ve almost been selling out every day,” says owner and operator Jeremiah Santos. “We sell out on weekends.”

You can get fruit or cream based paletas and customize it with toppings. The store already has 15 different flavors of paletas, but by this fall, the store will will have at least 30 different flavors, ranging from strawberry cheesecake to fruity pebbles, to avocado.

“You don’t come in here and ask for something simple,” says Angelina Santos, who is also owner and operator of The Paleta Bar. “You ask for it and they’ll make it for you.”

The spot stays busy. Besides having delicious snacks, the aesthetics of the items have made it a popular place for TikTokers. Some Tik Tok videos at other franchise have had thousands of views, creating so much popularity that lines are out the door.

It’s not just paletas either. The store sells other items like aguas frescas and horchata.

The Paleta Bar is open every day and is located on Midland Drive in the Cornerstone Shopping Center.

Check out the video above to see how people are reacting to The Paleta Bar.

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