MIDLAND, Texas (NEXSTAR) Many say it’s a smart way to enjoy sweets, the keto way.

Tall City Keto Bakery offers delights that won’t make you feel guilty after eating them.

The keto diet means low carbs. At Tall City Keto, all the treats are low-carb as many of the desserts, like the cookies, are made from wholesome ingredients like almond flour and monk fruit.

“I actually have a lot of customers that bring their kids in too,” says owner Chef Mike Schlatmann. “No cavities because there’s no sugar.”

Schlatmann says he lost 100 pounds on the keto diet three years ago. It inspired him to start selling some cookies, and it quickly gained steam.

“I went to the Midland Downtown Farmer’s Market July of last years, and I brought some cookies, says Schatmann. “I didn’t think i’d do well, but I sold out in 45 minutes.”

You can find Tall City Keto at 3310 Park Lane in Midland. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday. You can also find Schlatmann at the Midland Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.