Travel restrictions are loosening, and people in the Basin are enjoying their summer vacations. As more people take off, kennels are filling up.

“It’s just crazy,” says Pat Wells, manager of Kozy Country Kennel in Odessa.

Wells says the kennel can hold 30 to 40 dogs, and it’s been maxed out for weeks.

Right now the business is booked for the next two weekends, with the one after already nearly filled.

“Even if I have five kennels at the time they call, by the end of the day those five kennels are gone,” says Wells.

The Kozy Country Kennel isn’t the only place that’s busy. I spoke with multiple kennels in the Basin that are booked weeks out. Local groomers are booked up too because people bought more dogs during the pandemic.

Fortunately, some relief could be coming soon for those traveling and looking to drop off their pets.

“Look for it to slow down when kids go back to school,” says Wells.

For more on local kennels being booked up, check out the video above.