Basin Business: Ice cream shop featuring Japanese fish-shaped cones opens in Odessa

Basin Business Report

It’s the new, hot item at the Music City Mall.

Taishii Ice Cream shop just opened up and it serves a popular Japanese type of ice cream called “Taiyaki”

Taiyaki is a fish shaped, soft waffle ice cream cone with ice cream inside.

“We saw something different and we wanted to bring it here,” says owner Andres Rengal.

Rengal says this type of ice cream isn’t something you could find in the Basin, but it’s quite popular in bigger cities.

“You can find it in Dallas, New York, Las Vegas, California.”

It’s not just the cone that’s different though, the flavors of ice cream are unique too. They include activated charcoal, taro, which is a tropical Asian plant, and mango.

“The ice cream is not flavors you will find here in Midland or Odessa, says Rengal.”

Once you pick your flavor you can finish it off with some unique toppings, including the popular Japanese chocolate-covered biscuit called Pocky.

You can find Taishii near the carousel in the mall, open every day of the week.

For more on Taishii, check out the video above.

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