MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 News/Fox 24 News) Bringing Louisiana to Midland/Odessa, Down South Seafood food truck is cooking up a Cajun feast. Ryan LeJeune, a veteran, and his wife Sarah, both from Louisiana, have been offering authentic dishes for more than three years in the Tall City. 

“There was no Cajun food for anybody. I thought if we started boiling crawfish for the community, they would lose their minds. And that’s what we did; we started boiling crawfish.”

Ryan LeJeune, Owner of Down South Seafood

Transferred to Midland for a job, LeJeune started his career in the military, “Uncle Sam didn’t prepare me for running my own business, but the military did prepare me to handle chaos.” Since they began, Down South Seafood has been building momentum. Rain or shine, LeJeune has seen long lines in Midland of those craving his Cajun food

LeJeune said he values fresh food and gets his seafood straight from the source traveling to Louisiana, bringing back live crawfish and other seafood, “I don’t touch the frozen stuff.” 

Video: Learn more about Ryan LeJeune, owner of Down South Seafood

To try Down South Seafood for yourself, or if you are interested in catering, you can check out their Facebook page, offering weekly menus and locations. 

Since the new year, LeJeune said he upgraded his food truck for, “a massive trailer and 42-foot Gooseneck state of the art custom built by Red Fern Dynamics in Cleveland, GA.” He is currently looking for sponsors to display on his new trailer.

To support Down South Seafood or try all the tasty dishes they have to offer, visit: Facebook: Down South Seafood or www.DownSouthSeafood.com.

2nd Annual Crawfish Boil Bash & Competition 2021

Save the Date for March 26th and 27th for the competition in Midland. More details for the public coming soon.
Contest Packets Due March 15th at 5 p.m. For additional questions email, Ryan@downsouthseafood.com.