Porsches’s Turbo range offers a major step in performance over lesser grades, and now Porsche wants to emphasize that even when the cars are standing still.

The automaker on Tuesday announced plans to distinguish future Turbo models through the use of exterior and interior accents in an exclusive color dubbed Turbonite gray.

This will also extend to the Porsche crest logo, which was revised earlier this year and on future Turbo models will swap the traditionally gold areas for Turbonite. The red areas will also feature the gray finish.

Other areas where Turbonite will feature will be the lettering used on the rear, the surrounds of the side windows, and depending on the model, on inlays in the front fascia and accents in the wheels. For the interior, future Turbo owners can look forward to Turbonite for the safety belts, certain trim strips, and some of the vehicle controls. It will also be used as contrast stitching when combined with black leather trim.

Porsche Turbo accents in Turbonite grayPorsche Turbo accents in Turbonite gray

The new Turbonite accents will first appear on the Turbo versions of the redesigned 2024 Porsche Panamera debuting on Nov. 24, Porsche has confirmed.

Porsche’s Turbo designation was first introduced in 1974 on the 911 to signify the introduction of a turbocharged engine for the first time, specifically a 3.0-liter flat-6 generating approximately 256 hp. But since the arrival of the Taycan electric car late last decade, which also has its Turbo models, the designation has morphed into a kind of sub-brand for Porsche, something backed up by Porsche design chief Michael Mauer.

“In 1974, we presented the first turbocharged 911,” he said in a statement. “Since then, Turbo has become a synonym for our top models and is now more or less a brand of its own.”

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