Chase Menendez

Fueled by turkey tacos, this Chief Meteorologist set out one day to write a biography about himself in the third person.  What follows is the true, abridged story of Chase Menendez, as it was never told before.  Until now.

Chase Menendez first entered the “real world” after obtaining a BA in English Literature from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. His goal was simple: tell stories and write novels.  While writing on the side still continues today, Chase felt there was another passion yet to be tapped.

As a joke, his then-9-year-old sister suggested he become a weatherman, and to continue the joke, he looked into it.  He had unexpectedly found that untapped passion.  

This joking led the native New Orleans boy to realize his love for all things weather and to study Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University.  

While finishing his schooling, Chase interned at WLOX in Biloxi, MS and volunteered at WJTV in Jackson, MS, before finally landing a spot on the team at KMID and KPEJ here in West Texas.  

When he’s not goofing off or being a ham on the news, you can find Chase listening to Deftones, playing the bass guitar, cooking cajun food, or just taking it easy with a good book.  

Message me about the weather, music, or anything in between on Facebook @chasemeteo, or through email!

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