Trading The Gym for Fast Food, on the First Thursday of February?

" February first the January's are gone... And you are back to your treadmill and you don't have to elbow your way in at the gym.  We need to not do that," said Brenda Myers, Registered Nurse and Director for Center of Heart Disease at MCH.  
However, Brenda is not just a registered nurse specialized in heart disease, but has not quit her healthy life style for more than 7 years.  
According to the Geographic Data Science Lab, more people begin checking into fast food restaurants and stop checking into the gym, once the  first Thursday of February hits. 
 "Definitely in January there is an influx of people coming in, wanting to do their new years resolution," said Meredith Morales, Personal Trainer at Tobar's Gym.  
 Meredith said people tend to do this because they keep their workout the same and get bored! 
Meredith encouraging us, to not fall into this trend.  
" Make our workouts different.  That is something that keeps people wanting to come back," said Meredith
Both Meredith and Brenda said after being so strict in January and binging on fast food... the sudden rapid change is just not part of a balanced breakfast!
 " All the energy it takes for your heat to digest the food it is not used too...because you haven't been training your heart for a heart attack by giving it too much food after not eating like that for a month," said Brenda.
myers telling us ...the damage fast food does on your heart is just not worth it.
Howerver, for those of you wanting to switch things up; January is just a trial and February more like "Fresh-uary."  
" You are not only doing it for yourself now, but for the longevity of your life," said Meredith.
" If you have to start with 7 minutes or 15 minutes, that's were you start,"said Brenda.

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