Tommy Sullivan: More than a firefighter

Sullivan is currently battling stage four cancer

HOWARD COUNTY, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - Tommy Sullivan has dawned the fireman's hat for more than three decades.

"We work as a team, our motto is you go we go," says Sullivan, who is currently the chief of the Howard County Volunteer Fire Department.

While he's fought countless fires in his time, Sullivan is now facing the biggest fight of his life.

"I'm diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer it's in multiple organs in my body," says Sullivan.

To no surprise however, the diagnosis isn't stopping his fire duties anytime soon.

"The initial shock of it, my firefighters cried and stuff, but I told them we keep going on," says Sullivan.

His relentless hard work and optimism are what keep his friends and family smiling, even when the cancer brings pain.

"He comforts other people when they try to comfort him. Which is pretty neat, and it kind of helps keep me going," says Valarie Sullivan, Tommy's wife.

Sullivan says he isn't sure how long he has left, but that doesn't scare him one bit. And through all the fires he has put out and people he has saved, Sullivan says he's ready for anything that comes his way.

"I tell everybody that nobody gets out alive," says Sullivan. "So you've got to live life and still be productive. No woe is me, celebrate everything around you."


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