Suspicious Fires in Crane

An active investigation is taking place regarding the cause of the fires.

Crane Tx. (Local 2 / Fox 24) - Wednesday evening Crane Volunteer Fire Department put out their ninth fire in the same area within the span of two months.

Berry Ingram is the Chief for Crane Volunteer Fire Department. He said they are currently in the peak of fire season.

"We are at peak usually late February through mid May," said Ingram. "Typically during heavy thunderstorm season is when we have peak fire season."

However, the fire the department put out last night may not have been caused by storms.

"We had nine fires in the same area off the same street all of suspicious origin," said Ingram.

Since the winds were blowing at the right direction Chief Ingram said he let the fire burn to reduce the amount of unburned area around the nursing home. Which was done with the hopes of reducing more fires.

Crane Volunteer Fire Department sent out a statement to address the communities concerns saying "The fire yesterday afternoon is under suspicion origin." and saying "Arson is a crime and will be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law."

Since the fires appear to be suspicious the Crane County Sheriff's office said there is an active investigation.

"If anybody does have any information or facts or rumors or whatever if you would pass that onto our local sheriff's department," said Ingram.

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