Rising gas prices and minor gas shortages

ODESSA, Texas (Local 2 / FOX 24) - Vacation season is nearly upon us but high gas prices won't make it easy for travelers these next several months. 

"I'm going up probably at least $10 a tank of fuel," said Sharon Ridley. 

Both Midland and Odessa are seeing fuel prices averaging around $2.93, according to AAA. 

That's nearly 26 cents more than the state average and around six cents more than the national number. 

"Memorial Day starts the summer drive season and there's always more demand for gasoline during that period," said Financial Expert Mickey Cargile. 

Cargile says the price of gas and oil come hand in hand, but it hasn't been the case in the Permian Basin. 

"Well, the price of oil over the past year is up about 50%. The price of gasoline is only up about 24%, so it's really not up as much as it should be," said Cargile. 

For the past week, drivers like Sharon Ridley have gone to gas stations with yellow bags on their nozzles. 

"There's a couple of 7/11's between Odessa and Midland and this was the first one I came across that had gasoline to sell," said Cargile. 

Ridley spent 10 to 15 minutes searching for gas. She says the high prices and difficulty finding places to fill up have put a slight strain on her traveling dog grooming company. 

"Cause you think 'gosh, am I going to be able to work tomorrow?'" said Ridley. 

Despite the price hikes, Cargile says high gas prices are a sign of a healthy economy in West Texas. 

"This is typical for a boom town environment that we have the highest price for gasoline simply because we're willing to pay for it," said Cargile. 

Local 2 / FOX 24 got in contact with several gas station clerks for 7/11 and Stripes who tell us there are a number of reasons for the shortages including: construction in Big Spring that's been backing up fuel trucks, late shipments, and the overall high demand. 

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