Watch: Midland Cop Suspended After Comments Toward Suspect's Wife

Woman Who Filed Complaint Says She was Never Informed of Disciplinary Action

MIDLAND, Texas (Local 2/FOX24) -  

The date was December 12, 2016: two weeks before Christmas. A disturbance call in Midland took a bizarre turn. Reports show, police officer Leroy ‘Alex’ Granado arrested a man for domestic violence then spent the next three hours making inappropriate advances toward the man’s wife. 
The internal report - obtained by Local 2/Fox 24 states Granado investigated the call around 7:30 that night at the Stonegate Mobile Home Park on the northeast side of town. He cuffed the suspect for family violence, then began a series of repeated contact with the suspect’s wife. 
At 9 p.m.,Granado calls the woman to ask about guns that were collected during the arrest. The woman inquires about her husband. Granado suggests coming over to answer that question in person. She reluctantly agrees. Thirty minutes later, Granado is on the woman’s doorstep asking for her Snapchat account and an opportunity to call or text her. The woman turns him down. Granado leaves. 
At 10:50 p.m., Granado calls the woman a second time. He tells her that he really wanted to hug her during his previous visit, but feared it would have led to a kiss. He then suggests meeting up and offers to come over when his shift ends at 7 a.m. He also reportedly said something along the lines of “crazy attracts crazy.” The woman pretends to jot down his number and gets off the phone.  
Midland councilman John B. Love represents the district where the woman lives.  
“First of all, it’s very disturbing," Love says.
“Fortunately, you guys are running this story, so this is an opportunity to let the public know that this is not acceptable behavior from police officers.”
The Midland Police Department employs more than 100 officers. Councilman Love shared his reaction with us after we told him about Granado’s on-duty actions. 
“This is not indicative of police, this is indicative of human behavior," Love says.
“Police officers make mistakes, just like every other human...when incidents like this happen, I think we all should be concerned about it. But, I think it’s an opportunity to learn, educate and prevent it from happening again.”
Internal documents state that the woman involved filed a complaint against officer Granado. We spoke with a local domestic violence victim support organiztion about the case.
“You know for them to reach out to law enforcement and then not feel protected by them, it’s a really scary feeling," says Lisa Balderas, Women’s Service Director at theGenesis Center in Midland. The non-profit serves as a resource for victims of domestic violence. The center works with nearly 200 women per year and offers a yearlong program. 
"They’re scared and they want to feel protected," Balderas says.
“But whenever, a situation like that [Granado's case], I mean, that really will make them retract and say ‘Maybe I shouldn’t speak up next time.’”
Midland police chief Price Robinson declined our request for an interview regarding Granado’s case but provided a statement, which reads in part: 
“We continue to hold our officers to a level of professionalism that the public expects of us, and they are held accountable for their actions. Our responsibility as a police department is to follow up on citizen complaints and take appropriate disciplinary action when necessary…” 
Records show Leroy “Alex” Granado received a two-day suspension. He resigned March 28 of this year, four days after we requested information about his case.
The woman who filed the complaint against Granado reached out to Local 2/Fox 24 and tells us that our story was the first she had heard of any discipline taken against Granado after filing her complaint.


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