Midland Skatepark Association Looking To Make Changes

MIDLAND, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - The Midland Skatepark Association is planning to fix up the Sam and Will Memorial Skatepark.

The group plans to take matters into their own hands to raise the funds to fix up the park.

"My mom would drop us off on her way to work during the summer, come by at lunch bring us something, then come by at night and pick us up," said Dustin Johnson, President Of Midland Skatepark Association.

Built nearly two decades ago, the skatepark is home to many memories.

"I went to go up the wall and I wasn't paying attention, leaded over the handle bars just right, face-planted and knocked my tooth out," said Johnson.

Johnson pointed out the spot where he lost his tooth and explained that as he grew up the park never changed.

No new concrete has been poured since the park was first built and now can be seen with cracks and pieces missing.

"The park is in need of an upgrade, a revamp, needs just basic maintenance from drains not working to cracks in the concrete and even light bulbs that need replacing that haven't been replaced in months," said Johnson.

Also on the list of changes is to add shade, water fountains, bathrooms, seating areas, a beginner section for skaters and a sign with the park's name on it.

"There's certain things like the bowl over here where concrete is chipping and falling off some of the stuff settled and moved but one of the main things would be getting some shade out here in the summer," said Daniel Wilson, Skateboarder.

"Expand I mean we have all this open grass land behind us," said Nathaniel Altman, BMX Rider.

Others passionate about change were found all around the park.

Whether they grew up here or are new to the area, they all shared stories about scraped elbows and the need for this park.

"Ever since I was a little kid I have been coming up here since this place was first built," said Wilson.

"I mean its a place for teenagers and people of all ages to escape from reality, its peoples safe zone," said Altman.

"Ive given half my life and parts of me to this skatepark," said Johnson.

To raise the money for the upgrades, Johnson suggested holding competitions to raise the money, which is exactly how the park was built in the first place.

Johnson said when he was in elementary school, two students he went to school with were killed when they were rollerblading across the street and hit by a car. That's when the group first began raising money to build the memorial skatepark. 

"The Sam and Will memorial skate park. I was in their class back in '98 when they were hit by a car and passed away," said Johnson.

Johnson said the group originally raised 90,000 dollars and now the park doesn't even have a sign that reads 'Sam and Will Memorial Skate park.' Which is one of the first changes on the list.

"Its a shame the family is forgotten about," said Johnson.

The group plans to meet Friday at 7pm, at the park to make a plan for the park and brainstorm ideas for fundraising.

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