In 90 Seconds: Soundbites Recapping Zuzu Verk Press Conference

Zuzu Verk Investigation: 90-Second Clip from Monday's 20-Minute Press Conference

ALPINE, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) -- - Alpine police chief Russell Scown and Brewster county sheriff Ronny Dodson addressed the media on Monday afternoon to announce major updates in the Zuzu Verk investigation.

A few of the new developments included:

- The human remains found Friday were confirmed to be those of Zuzu Verk.

- Chris Estrada became the second suspect arrested in connection to the case, accused of tampering with and hiding a human corpse.

- Estrada was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, awaiting extradition back to Brewster county.

- The entire family of Robert Fabian, Verk's former boyfriend and the first suspect arrested, remain persons of interest in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance and death of Zuzu Verk.

Below are more than a dozen soundbites given by Scown and Dodson during the 20-minute press conference on Monday afternoon.

Russell Scown: "We knew when we got out there that this was going to be Zuzu just because of what was there."

Ronny Dodson: "When I walked up there, I just knew. And, you know, I had to call the chief right away and tell him 'I think we got her here.'"

Scown: "Officers with the Phoenix, Arizona police department arrested Chris Estrada. Sheriff Dodson is already making arrangements to bring Chris Estrada back to this jurisdiction...Chris' idea of cooperation is certainly different than our idea of cooperation."

Scown: "We have specific timelines about what happened, and we have ideas about what happened. We have pieced all that together, but it's something that we can't disclose at this time...We anticipate additional charges soon, yes."

Dodson: "The finding of Zuzu opened up a lot of doors in this case."

Scown: "We were able to charge both of them [Fabian and Estrada] with tampering with physical evidence by concealing a human corpse."

Dodson: "Why was she killed and exactly how? Those are the big questions right now."

Dodson: "We hear about it in college towns, and we're a college town. And, to miss a young, pretty girl like this and the innocence that went along with it; yes, it's touched everybody. As you know, in your communities and even out here. We even saw at the end of the year that it was the story of the year for this whole Permian Basin."

Dodson: "The family is tired, the investigators are tired. We're tired. We're just glad we're at where we're at right now."

Scown: "We want to keep the Verks in our thoughts and prayers...I think Thursday Sul Ross State University is going to put together a memorial service."


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