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Common Cents with BBB - Choosing a Moving Company

(Local 2 / Fox 24) - May is National Moving Month—one of the busiest times of the year for people to move homes, or even businesses. But choosing the wrong company could cost you money and a lot of headaches. 


How many complaints were filed against moving companies last year?

7,500 complaints filed with BBB.


BBB investigated a moving company earlier this year. Can you tell us about that? Link to web story: Presidential Moving


* We conducted and into investigation into Presidential Moving and Storage, LLC.

* Consumers say they were charged thousands more than the agreed upon price.

* Complaints also alleged the company failed to deliver their goods by the stated arrival date and had trouble getting updates when contacting the company.

* According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Presidential Moving’s status is now listed as “out-of-service.” * There has also been at least one news report, by KXAS in Dallas, where a customer got her items back after the company held them for over a month.

What are some red flags to look out for when choosing a moving company?

* The company has no physical address and/or the trucks don’t have their licensing displayed.

* The company isn’t willing to come to your home for an estimate, and the estimates are too high or too low.

* The company requires a large upfront payment or cash only. A reputable mover takes credit cards.

* The mover can’t answer your questions and they seem uncertain.

What are some other tips when shopping around?

* Do your research. Do some comparison shopping online, and use reputable sources, such as bbb.org when looking for a mover or professional moving company. Check that the company is licensed as required by the State of Texas, and that they have a valid TxDMV and USDOT number.

* Get three free estimates. Make sure the estimates are in writing, by email or as an attachment, and never accept a verbal quote or agreement.

* Read the contract carefully. Read every document of the contract carefully before you sign anything. Also, get a copy of everything you sign, and don’t sign any blank forms.


Where can consumers file a scam report?

To report a scam, go to our BBB Scam Tracker page at BBB.org/scamtracker. It helps us keep track of what’s going on and warn other consumers.

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