Dealing with Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion

Temps are on the rise and if you do not drink water you could get dehydrated

Odessa Tx. ( Local 2 / Fox 24 ) - Temperatures have climbed into the hundred today and for the people who have to work outside in these hot conditions it is very important for them to stay hydrated.

Amanda Everette works at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa and is their Emergency Management Coordinator. 

She recommends drinking four cups of water ever hour for people who work outside in these hot conditions. She says not drinking enough water could lead to dehydration.

"Dehydration obviously goes into heat exhaustion or heat stroke," said Everette. "Signs and symptoms would be like becoming dizzy, getting nauseated or having the feeling to vomit."

But, drinking too much water and not other sports drinks is not the only solution. 

"So, if they could stay hydrated you know drinking water and alternate between an electrolyte drink, sports drink and the water." said Everette. "You don't want to deplete your electrolytes drinking too much water."

The oil is booming and many people have moved to the Permian Basin. But, not everyone is used to the West Texas Heat and could have an easier time getting heat exhaustion from the dry climate.

"It just depends on if the person is acclimated to this area," said Everette. "Obviously right now we have a lot of people coming in to this area who are not from here they are not acclimated to our area."

So, along with drinking plenty of fluids it is best to dress according to the conditions to reduce the chance of becoming dehydrated and it turning into heat exhaustion. 

"Wear coverage for your head like a hat, wear light colored clothing and light weight clothes as well," said Everette.

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