Dancing for The Marrow Match

MIDLAND, Texas (Local 2/ Fox 24) - " My mom always instilled this idea that I was saved for a reason and that was kind of a lot of pressure growing up; but than it's actually the thing that was most important in my life. I'm like, I love living the reason," said Jason Cox, Founder of Marrow Match. 

Jason is a bone marrow transplant survivor of 31 years, who almost lost his life at 9 years old. Jason says his reason now is to ignite people's lives.   Jason is not just  a professional dancer, who's performed across the country; but as the founder of marrow match a non- profit organization, he's saving lives through matching patients and recipients for a bone marrow transplant.

"If it wasn't for my brother's marrow match, I would not be around. I would not be able to dance, I would not be able to fall in love, I would not be able to do all these things that everybody wants to and should be able to do in their life," said Jason. 

"I love lifting people up or supporting them. Kind of how it relates to marrow match is that their are some people too that need help being lifted up, where they need to find there match and that's a big deal so we want to lift those people up by finding them and connecting them with their match," said Jason.    

Jason said the number one cause of death, when a patient needs a transplant, is not being able to find a match. Not many people are registered and without registration of recipients, Dna is harder to match. 

"When I dance, I feel that pleasure of the gift being used through me and I think that is something people can have, whatever their gift is," said Jason. 

From twirling, to leaping across  the dance floor ,dancing to  a sweet melody is what ignites Jason; but his goal is to allow others to live for what ignites them. 

" We find that it is unacceptable that a person in need of a transplant is going to die because they can't find their match. That is unacceptable because their match exists and we have just not put them on the registry yet," said Jason.   

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