A New Ballpark for Stanton High School

MARTIN COUNTY, Texas (Local 2/ Fox 24) - Stanton High School opened their new ballpark.  It was the first time their young athletes stepped foot on their home fields.

"This is a fantastic moment here in Stanton history, in baseball and softball.  We finally got it here in the town. We're excited about it and we're looking forward for the years to come," said John Peterson, Athletic Director of Stanton ISD. 

It's a new beginning for Stanton high school as they held their grand opening of their complex fields, Friday. John said it was a surreal moment. 

"It's something that I wanted for the community. These kids, just coaching them all these years, they are the type of kids that can play baseball and softball.  It would be a great fit for them," said John.  

It was the first time Stanton high school has debuted baseball and softball teams.

"During the planning process, there were a lot of parents that wanted to see baseball and softball be a part of the athletic program in Stanton and so they were able to add that into the bond and make it possible," Meryl Brandon, Superintendent.

Meryl said the school district obtained the necessary funds for the renovations through a bond election, and voters agreed it was time for an upgrade to help grow the programs.

"You pick up some kids that maybe weren't playing a sport, that have been waiting or maybe playing for little league," said Brandon.  

This is just the start of many years to come, for two exciting new sports for the Stanton community.  

"They love the new facilities. They love the kids, seeing them out there on the field. So we are excited about it and I know the community is too," said John.  

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