9 Dead Animals Found Over New Years Weekend

According to Corporal Steve LeSueur, the weather played a large role

ODESSA, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - Over the new year weekend, Odessa Police Department received 98 calls to animal control and nine of those were in response to dead animals.

According to Odessa Police Department, Corporal Steve LeSueur, the weather played a large role in the deaths.

"It's pretty disheartening to think that unfortunately, nine pets passed away for something that ultimately could have been prevented," said Daniel Orellana, West Texas Emergency Veterinarian Technician.

In addition to the 98 calls, 18 owners surrendered their pets to the shelter.

"Just like us, once we start losing body temperature we start looking the ability to maintain internally, same thing happens to them. They suffer the same effects of hypothermia," said Orellana, "hypothermia can be fatal but can be reversed if caught quickly enough and treated adequately."

David Gardea lives in Odessa with his furry friend, Jigsaw.

Jigsaw is a 20 pounds Boston Terrier and due to his small size, he could start seeing the affects of hypothermia in just minutes. For that reason Gardea says he watches him very closely when outside.

"I mean if we feel cold, they are going to feel cold there's not much of a difference," said David Gardea.

Gardea says he puts a sweater on Jigsaw in colder temperatures and is never outside for more than 20 minutes.

Orellana said its not uncommon around this time of year for owners to bring in down who have suffered from hypothermia from being outside too long.

 "Just because they are covered head to toe in hair, doesn't mean they have the ability to withstand it completely," said Orellana.

If you are outside with your dog and you start to feel cold, then that's a good indication that its also too cold for you four-legged friend.

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